Smart warehouse solution with advanced robotics launches in HK

Automation helps industries transition to Industry 4.0

To foster understanding and change the current mindset in the industries, HKSTP supported RV on a real-life demonstration showcasing the Integrated Smart Warehouse Solution with advanced robotics technology. The demonstration, staged in RV's 4,400 sq. feet demo site in Science Park, helps industries get a clearer picture of the operation and advantages of the solution. It also allows them to review the existing traditional model and understand future business needs.

HKSTP CEO Albert Wong said, "HKSTP has been driving the development of Industry 4.0 and supporting innovation and technology. Advanced technology enables a more personalized manufacturing and consumption model. The major bottleneck for the development is warehouse and storage. RV's solution breaks through barriers to help manufacturers and commercial enterprises surpass the traditional model to embark on a new era of small scale production and personalised distribution model.”

RV is a member of HKSTP's Leading Enterprises Acceleration program. The program has been assisting to connect RV to relevant stakeholders and expanding the market growth. Since RV was founded in 2015, the business has been growing rapidly and it achieved over HK$10 million revenue in its first year.

DHL role

During the R&D stage, RV found that smart warehouse solution can reduce space usage and production time by 15% and 50% respectively. Managing more than 400 large scale warehouses in China, DHL Supply Chain is facing increasing demand to drive greater operational efficiency for customers.

Automation remains a key focus for its operations pressing challenges brought about by the changing markets. It understands that introducing smart warehouse solution is crucial for its future development.

Noel Singgih, Chief Information Officer, Greater China, DHL Supply Chain, said, "This collaboration underscores our commitment towards innovation which we see as being critical in helping businesses remain competitive. In recent years, rising cost of labor and real estate, high demand for greater efficiency and skilled workers, and increasing environmental awareness have provided greater impetus to drive innovation in our operations and the industry. We have introduced various automation technologies in our facilities to improve space optimization and productivity as our employees are relieved of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks to focus on more value-adding aspects of our operations.”

After the demonstration in the demo site of Hong Kong Science Park, DHL will study the feasibility of the solution for its operation in the Greater China region. To upgrade the skill-set of the staff in a smart workplace, RV partnered with Lucas-Nulle, a leading automation training company in Germany, to provide customized training.

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