SUNeVision opens MEGA Plus data center at TKO

Peter Yan, Executive Director and CEO of SUNeVisionSUNeVision Holdings on Tuesday announced its MEGA Plus data center at Tseung Kwan O is ready for service, after being granted an occupation permit and certificate of compliance by the government.

MEGA Plus, a tier-4 ready data center, will provide full redundant systems and distribution paths for 24x7 operation and concurrent maintenance. It will be capable of supporting more than 24 megawatts of IT load capacity.

Located on the outskirt of the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate (TKOIE), which is of 18 minute-walking distance from LOHAS Park MTR station, MEGA Plus is a 474,000 square foot and tier-4 ready data center that features two multi-storey towers designed to house over 5,000 server racks, making it one of the largest data centers in Hong Kong once it reaches full capacity.

Upon MEGA Plus' opening, SUNeVision now operates five data centers in Hong Kong, located in Fo Tan, Tsuen Wan, Kwun Tong, Tseung Kwan O and Chai Wan. It does not currently operate any data center in mainland China, but will refer clients to its mainland partners to meet clients' requests.

No sublet restriction

MEGA Plus is built on the first greenfield estate outside of the TKOIE designated by the Hong Kong government for high-tier data center development, and is the first multi-tenant data center in the TKO area outside of the estate with no sublet restriction.

Contrarily, data centers that are built inside the TKOIE are bound by sublet restrictions, as the subsidized land is designated for industrial use and self use, such as that of HKEx's and HSBC's.

How might sublet restrictions at TKOIE impact the clients' selection on data center provider?

SUNeVision Executive Director and CEO Peter Yan (pictured) said, "Unauthorized subletting of data center capacity to other tenants is prohibited in the TKOIE, exposing enterprises and service providers to potential future subletting compliance issues."

"SUNeVision has recently contracted with a very experienced international cloud service provider. Before signing agreement with us, it has reviewed almost all data center providers in TKOIE, about three to four times per service provider. Eventually it selected SUNevision. In a way, it shows the importance of a data center that is not bound by sublet restrictions," he added. 

According to recent commentary from Structure Research, a research firm dedicated to the data center industry, MEGA Plus is also in an ideal location "due to its low latency access to SUNeVision's MEGA-i data center in Chai Wan, [which] gives co-location customers the shortest route to access one of the most carrier dense data centers in Hong Kong."

Virtual data center campus, network coverage

Besides the connecting to MEGA-i, MEGA Plus will connect to MEGA Two's China gateway, forming a virtual MEGA Campus. "This enables content, service providers and enterprises with the optimal interconnection set up to serve end users," Structure Research said.

While SUNeVision expanded the Mega Two data center in Fo Tan from just a few stories to the whole of a converted industrial building a few years ago, it will expand the Mega-i data center in Chai Wan by 40% soon.

Regarding network coverage, MEGA Plus is connected to both local and international network providers via submarine cables. The latest submarine fiber optic cables connecting Chai Wan and TKOIE are Superloop's TKO Express which was launched in June, and HKT's Ultra Express Link, which was expected to launch in 2H 2017.