SUNeVision's MEGA Plus data center now in full service

SUNeVision's MEGA Plus data center now in full serviceCarrier neutral data center service provider SUNeVision Holdings has announced that MEGA Plus, the company's latest Tier-4 ready data center, is now operating in full service.

The company on Wednesday held a "MEGA Plus Xperience" ceremony to mark the full opening of the next generation data center on Wednesday.

Targeting at high-growth clients, SUNeVision is currently actively soliciting clients such as cloud service providers. "Since MEGA Plus started business operation in July 2017, we have received many enquiries. Some clients have already signed in, including world renowned cloud vendors. Our number of clients may not be large at this stage, but their usage is voluminous," Yan said.

ITB to release 2 hectares of data center land in 2018

"The opening of MEGA Plus data center further expands the data center cluster in Tseung Kwan O, and shows the confidence of the industry in Hong Kong in becoming the data center hub of the Asia Pacific region," HKSAR Secretary for Innovation and Technology Nicholas Yang said.

"The Government will continue to increase the supply of data centers by releasing more dedicated data center sites for high-tier data center development, and by facilitating redevelopment and conversion of industrial buildings into data centers."

According to Yang, the Lands Department has already approved the sale of two hectares of land in Tseung Kwan O for high-tier data center development, and ITB plans to release them in 2018.

Supportive of Greater Bay Area tech hub

"We are highly supportive of Hong Kong being a hub of innovation. We look forward to work with Greater Bay Area in Shenzhen to work on a technology innovation hub.

"Data center plays an important role," said Allen Fung, vice chairman and non-executive director of SUNeVision, who is also executive director and CEO of non-property portfolio businesses of Sun Hung Kai Properties. "We house an increasingly voluminous of data. We are the gatekeepers of the treasures [in the form of data]. At SUNeVision we take this role very seriously. We commit to bring the same expedience regardless of the data center used."

No sublet restriction

Located in the outskirt of Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, MEGA Plus is currently the only purpose-built on land facility designated for data center use by the Hong Kong government without sublet restrictions. It boasts 474,000 square feet of gross space capable of supporting more than 5,000 racks, which makes it currently one of the largest data center facilities in the city.

"It [MEGA Plus] is built on the first greenfield site dedicated for data center development," Yang said. 

A data center that is free of sublet restriction is one that can provide its customers with exclusive access to their racks to manually configure them without the need to be accompanied by the data center staff, Yan explained.

MEGA Campus

MEGA Plus has been linked with dedicated high-performance fiber to SUNeVision's MEGA-i (Chai Wan) and MEGA Two (Shatin) data centers to form a ring of virtual data center network called MEGA Campus. With this MEGA Campus, customers of any of the three data centers can: 1) obtain speedy data retrieval any of the other two data centers; and 2) connect to 125 cloud service providers and telcos that have presence in MEGA-i.

Highly customizable

SUNeVision allows the customization of its data center according to customers' requirements, including design and specification. According to Yan, past customizations include:
1) Modifying the floor height, door height and lift height to cater to the standardized rack size of a global cloud service provider customer;
2) Catering to the customer's practices on cooling, including the specific fan direction, room temperature, as well as aisle width;
3) Catering to the customer's raised floor height requirement; and
4) Catering to the customer's additional data center security requirement, such as the construction of a cage with lock.