Survey: HK IT&T firms the most likely to hire in Q3

IT&T firms are the most likely to increase headcount in Q3 in Hong Kong, said recruitment service company Hudson on Tuesday.

According to the company, it surveyed 432 Hong Kong employers in June for hiring intentions in the July-September period.

Amost half -- at 46.9% -- of employers in the IT&T sector said they will hire more people, compared to 42.9% of employers in the consumer sector and 36.7% of employers in the banking and financial services sector, said Hudson.

There’s a particularly strong demand for solution architects, experts in cloud computing, and project managers, the recruitment firm added.

Results of the survey also show that 37.7% of Hong Kong employers plan to recruit staff compared with 56.2% in China, 34.7 in Singapore and 29.6% in Australia.

“The latest hiring expectations reflect that Hon Kong employers are positive but cautious,” said Tony Pownall, general manager of Hudson Hong Kong. “Besides the unsettled global economic outlook, companies are facing complex challengers when it comes to human capital -- there’s upward pressure on salaries, shortage of appropriately qualified workers, and widespread disconnect between the skillsets many people have and those employers are seeking.”

Unemployment rate is so low that employers have a hard time to find the right people to fill various roles, he added.

According to the report, only 22.9% of Hong Kong employers are optimistic about the Hong Kong economy, while 70.6% are cautious or uncertain and 6.5% feel negative or pessimistic.