Three new major targets at Microsoft HK

Alain Croizer, Microsoft GRC Chairman and CEO; Cally Chan, Microsoft HK GMAs Cally Chan (pictured, right) celebrate her first month as the new general manager of Microsoft Hong Kong, the Greater China Region Chairman and CEO Alain Crozier (pictured, left) shared his vision in this maturing cloud market.

At the media briefing that followed the launch of the Microsoft 365 and Surface Hub on Tuesday, Computerworld Hong Kong asked Crozier about his targets set for Chan.

"Our first target set for Hong Kong goes back to satisfying what the customers need," Crozier said. By means of customers he meant organizations of all sizes from small to large.

Some of Microsoft's customers in Hong Kong that Crozier met had very different goals and strategies. "Some of them are in a survival mode. For them, they see technology as a way to become more efficient," he said. "At some point, most of our Hong Kong customers have a digital strategy. If you don’t have a digital strategy, it's very hard for you to compete and to serve your customers on a regular basis."

"We need to help our customers to work on their digital transformation. This is our number one goal. This is also why Microsoft exists," said Crozier.

Chan's next mission concerns employee satisfaction.

"The second one is for Microsoft employees. I want them to feel good working at Microsoft, and to feel that they are not working just for themselves," Crozier said. "The culture of Microsoft is to provide people with technologies and help them to achieve more. To achieve more does not mean to be more productive every time."

Using the company's technologies, organizations can bring fun to the workplace, or to change their business model, for instance.

The last mission deals with channel partner growth.

"The third big goal for Cally and the team is to work hand-in-hand with the company's partner ecosystem in Hong Kong," Crozier said. "This is for the development of our customers, as partners are fundamental associates of Microsoft to help our customers achieve their goals and strategies."

First in GRC for Microsoft 365 and Surface Hub launch

On Tuesday Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft 365 and Surface Hub in Hong Kong -- the first to launch in the Greater China Region.

Microsoft 365 combines the capabilities of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Suite to allow employees to work creatively and securely. For example, it provides a range of creative tools including Inking, Voice and Touch embedded in Windows 10. It enables conferencing participants to share, co-edit and collaboration in real time using the embedded Skype for Business; unifies IT management across users, devices, apps and services; and support hybrid environments by integrating cloud and on-premise solutions.

Running on Windows 10, Surface Hub is a device that provides a platform to build large-screen apps for group productivity, such as the already-built in custom Office, Skype for Business and Power BI apps. With both 55-inch and 84-inch models, Surface Hub is said to be "a fully integrated alternative to costly videoconferencing and digital whiteboard solutions."

Enabling digital transformation

The four big issues in the minds of CEOs today are: how to empower employees, how to engage the customers, how to optimize the operation, and how to transform productivity, said Crozier.

"The workplace is evolving and a new culture of work is emerging. From routine tasks, to creative and critical thinking, from individual productivity to team collaboration, from disparate systems to systems of intelligence with AI embedded for better decision-making, to end-to-end security protection and management," he said.

"Microsoft recognizes the demand for a modern workplace that is digitally-connected, inclusive and engaging, yet secure. To deliver that, Microsoft has created a secure, integrated solution that combines the best of our innovative hardware and cloud productivity services with the launch of Surface Hub and Microsoft 365."