TmaxSoft opens office in Hong Kong

TmaxSoft opens office in Hong KongCloud and infrastructure software company TmaxSoft has opened a new office in Hong Kong to help local organizations modernize their database, mainframe and middleware systems.

With the office, TmaxSoft's 20th worldwide, the company aims to break Oracle's stranglehold on the local Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) market.

The company's Tibero RDMBS solution has full compatibility with Oracle products including SQL, providing a direct conversion path from Oracle, DB2, or other SQL based applications. The platform also supports all Oracle command, data types and SQL extensions.

“Businesses always have a number of alternatives to Oracle's database, such as DB2, MS SQL, and various open-source applications," TmaxSoft Hong Kong country manager Owen Chong said.

"But the Tibero is the only solution offering a full range of reliability modes, including active-active, active-standby, and clustering standby modes. Tibero's Clustering is also architecturally similar to Oracle's Real Application Clusters (RAC), for easy transitioning and co-existence. In most cases, migrations from Oracle to Tibero only take six weeks."  

He said Tibero can help organization reduce the TCO of a RDBMS solution by up to 60% over five years by offering maintenance  costs of just 18% of the license fee.

"TmaxSoft hits Hong Kong as the next giant of infrastructure software, equipped with a new way of doing business, fresh solutions, and the joy of choice. It is time to break the monopoly and make Tibero the better choice,” he said.