WAF provider Cloudbric opens Hong Kong data center

Cloudbric VP of Product & Technology TJ JungWeb application firewall (WAF) service provider Cloudbric has opened five internet data centers, including a facility in Hong Kong, in response to the growing, global demand for cloud services.

The new data centers are located in New Jersey (US), Hong Kong, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) as well as Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

Additionally, with Cloudbric's growing partnership base, the expansion of IDCs means Cloudbric's customers can benefit from greater WAF infrastructure and experience elite security better than ever.

Enterprises of all sizes rely on and often expect websites to be up and running without any lapses. Maintaining this uptime depends on strategically placed data centers to handle high-volume requests. As a result, Cloudbric is not only increasing its network capacity through its IDC expansion but also introducing an all-inclusive, fully-managed WAF service to a wide range of IT service and solution providers.

Regarding Cloudbric's current partnership model, VP of Product & Technology TJ Jung said "From individuals to small or mid-size businesses and enterprises, we are growing our service to reach all parts of the globe by engaging in partnerships with different solutions providers in the IT industry, and Cloudbric is excited to continue in this endeavor. Partnering with data centers, for example, means Cloudbric can be deployed on their own infrastructures instead of relying on external networks - making the delivery of Cloudbric's advanced WAF to their clients a seamless process.”

Utilizing the precise, trusted technology created by Penta Security Systems, Cloudbric's WAF can intelligently recognize and block both unknown and known web attacks with its logic analysis engine. Through Cloudbric, various service providers can also benefit from quality customer service and a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard and extend it to their own end users. With new IDCs and thus even greater bandwidth, Cloudbric's ability to withstand cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks is augmented.

Cloudbric currently has plans to open ten additional IDCs in Q2, specifically in cities across North America, the Middle East, and South America. Cloudbric will continue to appeal to various service providers in its expansion of WAF infrastructure.

Networks Asia staff