Gaining competitive edge in the hospitality industry with Wi-Fi

Don’t just connect your guests, connect with them

While Wi-Fi connectivity is often considered as one of the amenities similar to the spa facilities, simply aiming to connect guests to the network is not the be-all and end-all of guest services. Most guests connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network from the moment they set foot on the property, thus it would be a waste of effort if hotel operators do not take advantage of this infrastructure to provide more services to increase the bottom line.

For example, instead of relying on paper pamphlets, guests can be notified of additional room amenities such as spa services and special promotions when they connect to the Wi-Fi network. Hotels can also use Wi-Fi to see where customers spend most of their time and utilise this information to tailor offers and marketing activities. In addition, location-based services such as interactive maps and location-based advertising that tie directly with loyalty programs could develop more value and personalized offerings to guests.

It is safe to say that Wi-Fi has come a long way since the days where it was a “nice to have” service. Ubiquitous, fast, and reliable broadband wireless is now one of the main criteria for selecting a hotel in today’s mobile world. The services that can be offered as a result of Wi-Fi can empower hotels to truly redefine the guest experience. This fulfils guest expectations, making the time they spend at a hotel more convenient and enjoyable. Guest satisfaction does not only bring positive online reviews, but also foster guest loyalty. Settle for poor Wi-Fi connectivity and hotels risk losing those reviewer’s stars.

Linda Hui is managing director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at Ruckus Wireless.