HKCSView: What it takes to build a cloud-ready data centers?

Physical security is undoubtedly a key consideration for cloud service providers. They cannot afford to reside in a facility that poses significant physical risks. Data centers that are located close to the waterfront or in the proximity of hazardous facilities are likely to fail the initial screening.

Operation experience and service excellence are key attributes required for data center operators to serve these global cloud players. Data center operators with a proven track record in building and operating sizable data centers, as well as the ability to meet stringent service levels requirements are in significant advantages. Another emerging requirement is offering an open Building Management System (BMS), which can be integrated with the cloud player’s monitoring systems.

Catered for growth

Even if a data center meets all of the above requirements, the facility still may not be the choice of cloud service providers if it cannot deliver the needed infrastructure in time or lacks the flexibility for future growth.

With an average annual growth rate of over 40% per year, top cloud players required a data center that allows them to shorten the time to market and increase the flexibility for growth. They are no longer something nice-to-have, but critical. Data center operators that can provide ample growth capacity and shorter delivery lead-time will win the deal. Good capacity planning and modular design are therefore key winning strategies for data center operators.

The opening of a new AWS region in Hong Kong will definitely fuel cloud adoption in Hong Kong.  Let’s get prepared to develop more cloud-ready data centers to meet the demand in the coming years.

Lewis Chan is a member of the Hong Kong Computer Society. He is also head of technology of SUNeVision, where he deploys best-of-breed technology into the group’s data center infrastructure. He also focuses on designing data center solutions for global cloud service providers.