How to develop an internet of things strategy

    A user manual

   Develop a preliminary user manual for your IoT device. It should address

   the end user. If the product includes an API, you should also build a user

   manual for the developer.

    A project charter

   Write a project charter. This is a written project overview that outlines the  

   key facets of the project. It should help you understand the resources you

   need to undertake the project, what the key milestones are and the


Part 3. Identify and map your IoT requirements

The last step is to identify and map your IoT requirements—the technical capabilities you need to make your solution a success.

"Companies use many different types of approaches, such as use cases, user stories, process flows, personas, architecture specifications and so on to document their requirements," Rossman said.

Regardless of the requirements methodology you settle on, Rossman said it's important to answer questions around insights (data and events), analytics and recommendations, performance and environment and operating costs.

For example, under 'insights,' it's important to answer questions like these:

    What problem, event or insight is the end user solving for?

    What insights would be valuable to the customer?

    What recommendation or optimization using the data would be valuable to a


    What data needs to be collected?

Analytics and recommendations questions might include the following:

    How responsive will "adjustments" or optimizations need to be (specify in

   time range)?

    How complex will the "math" be? Write the math equation or pseudologic

   code if you can.

    Will notifications, logic, "math," or algorithms be consistent and fixed, or will

   they need to be configurable, updated and managed?

Performance questions might include these:

    Estimate the amount of data transmitted over a period of time (hour, day).

    What are the consequences of data not being collected?

    What are the consequences of data being collected but not transmitted?