How to develop an internet of things strategy

Environment and operating requirements questions might include these:

    What operating conditions will the device and sensor be in? Temperature,

   moisture, pressure, access and vibration are example conditions.

    What device physical security needs or risks are there?

    Will the IoT device or sensors be embedded within another device, or will

   they be independent and a primary physical device themselves?

Costs questions might include these:

    What is the cost per device target range?

    What is the cost per device for connectivity target range?

    What is the additional operating cost range the business can support for

   ongoing operating infrastructure?

"As you build your plans, remember that though IoT can provide key pieces to the puzzle, it's no golden ticket," Rossman wrote. "Simply creating an IoT solution will not bring you success. However, if you focus on providing strong value to your customers through new or updated products and services, improving company operations or creating new or more-efficient business models, you'll be much more likely to find success."