Machine learning: Unlocking the future for Hong Kong enterprises

What’s the next step for enterprises interested in capitalizing on machine learning? Here are four key points to keep in mind:

1. Start the journey to machine learning by improving big data capabilities

At heart, machine learning is a tool that enables organisations to extract more value from data. The first step on the road to AI, therefore, is implementing the right big data solutions. An enterprise must be ready to collect, merge and analyse the vast amounts of data flowing in, out and across an organisation, as well as information available externally, before it can make the most of machine learning.

2. Connect and unify information across the business

Enterprises that are already capitalizing on big data must be careful to avoid creating data silos, in which some information is only accessible to certain people or departments. Sharing and integrating data across the organisation is essential to turning information into a strategic asset–because machine learning tools can’t identify patterns and extract insight from data they don’t have.

3. Define clear goals and a targeted strategy

The power of machine learning lies in its ability to tackle specific problems and create tailored solutions. Enterprises must define their goals, identify current challenges, and work out a targeted AI strategy. Goals could include creating personalized services in order to enhance customer loyalty; sourcing and analysing external data to get a better read on the future of the industry; or looking internally to uncover and reduce waste.

4. Work with a trusted partner that understands business and technology

Enterprises can get the most from machine learning solutions by working with a partner that understands not only the best-established and emerging technologies, but also the unique businesses challenges that AI can help to tackle. The right partner can offer a customised strategy that capitalises on the capabilities of machine learning to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Mark Lunt is the group managing director of JOS. He heads the JOS senior leadership team, driving the company’s vision, strategy and growth