Online Poll for Everyone

The Hong Kong LegCo Election 2012 is taking place in September 9.  As the Hong Kong’s source of IT insights and industry development, Computerworld Hong Kong is launching an online poll on the LegCo IT Functional Constituency (ITFC) Election.

The primary purpose of this poll is to allow anyone that cares about Hong Kong’s IT industry development to voice their opinion over the best industry representative within LegCo.

An open poll for the public
The poll is purposely designed to open to the public, instead of only subscribers, which would limit the pool of eligible respondents.

The ITFC has been under controversy in the past year. Apart from the debate to dismiss the FCs, election fraud incidence were found within the IT subsector during the election for the Chief Executive Election Committee in December 2011. With a vague definition on IT professionals and eligible IT voters, chances of vote-rigging are high.  We understand not everyone that cares about the local IT industry development is a registered ITFC voter. To support universal suffrage, we decided to open the poll to everyone. As long as you care about the IT industry, you have the right to voice your opinion about who deserves a seat at the LegCo to represent the industry.

Additionally, the result is available instantly for every survey respondent. We will publish a weekly update on the poll result until the election weekend.  The purpose is to increase transparency and allow everyone that participates to find out what their peers think.

Through this poll, we hope to engage more people to participate and share their views in this election.  The poll also aims to drive more discussion over issues that matters to the voters.

Election Forum
However, this is not the original idea to share views with the public.
Computerworld Hong Kong planned to organize a public Election Forum at Cyberport – an IT-related and neutral venue – to allow the public a chance to question both candidates – Charles Mok and Samson Tam—over industry issues and topics that matter to them. Unfortunately, with the lack of sponsorship from venue provider and Tam’s unavailable schedule, we have decided to change the election forum into an online poll.

While it is disappointing that CWHK, as the only neutral IT industry-specific media in Hong Kong, is not able to organize such event, we are in full support to any group, with fair and neutral ground, to organize event that sparks discussion within the industry. Hong Kong Computer Society is organizing an election forum on September 4 and September 5.

CWHK will be following the development in the LegCo Election ITFC and reporting all the latest for you, our valued reader.  Stay tuned!