User expectation gap threatens the road to digital transformation

User expectation gap threatens the road to digital transformation93% of Hong Kong enterprises are facing an ‘Availability Gap’, higher than the global average of 82%, according to the recent Veeam Availability Report. This is the gap between users demand for uninterrupted access to services and what businesses and IT can actually deliver. This gap is affecting enterprises as they attempt to meet the endless digital demands of the modern consumer.

“Digital transformation” is at the heart of every business today and being on the back foot to this change will critically undermine the returns. Therefore, to drive the desired ROI and results from digital transformation, enterprises need to focus beyond just delivering products, but also ensure new levels reliability and safety. Unfortunately, many companies are still playing catchup with the risks that digital transformation entails.

New reality: Availability is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have

As companies scramble to react to the changes in technology trends, customer expectations and new threats, enterprises are adopting new digital platforms and applications at a quickened pace

From deploying cloud, developing business services and applications, IDC forecasts that there will be $1.2 trillion in worldwide spending on Digital Transformation technologies in 2017 in its recent Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide.

Whilst some organizations are proactively transforming with a complete vision that includes a dynamic infrastructure to ensure a reliable and safe transition, there are still many who are reactive to the demands of change. Those who are reactive tend to transform with only a product benefit in mind and have not factored in system stability and security, leaving them vulnerable to attacks and accidents that can cause downtime.

The inability to transform with reliability and safety in mind translates to a large risk of unplanned downtime. According to the latest Veeam Availability Report, unplanned downtime costs global organizations an annual average of US$21.8 million, while the number for Hong Kong reaches up to HK$170 million.

However, unplanned downtime damage extends beyond just a momentary loss in revenue, but a long-term trust issue which could put the company into a more reactive state of digital transformation as they scramble to answer the needs of the customer instead of proactively providing a complete and stable solution.

With 59% of enterprises seeing a loss of customer confidence, and 47% enterprises experiencing damage to brand reputation, it’s more critical than ever to have Availability on your side so that you deliver on your promise to customers.

Start with commitment to always-on:

It is critical to transform with reliability and safety in mind  to avoid unplanned downtime or when a disaster occurs. To do so, companies should commit to being always-on with a good availability strategy. Committing towards the goal of always-on 24x7x365 is paramount to avoid monetary losses and ensuring customers’ as well as your own employees’ confidence trust in the reliability of the organization. This is paramount to the success of digital transformation plans and user demands of reliable and trustworthy digital services grow.