User expectation gap threatens the road to digital transformation

Enterprises need to assess their availability gap and look for compatible and compliant availability solutions that can deliver 24x7x365 protection across multi-cloud environments. This ensures the security of digital transformation strategies and empowers future growth.

1. Quantify your business unit’s SLAs and assess your own protection mechanisms and recovery capabilities.

2. Convert your gaps into impact analyses to ask “If [system] were to fail, what would that cost us [in economics, process, perception, etc.] and how quickly can we recover?”

3. Recognize that virtualization and cloud services will almost certainly be the underpinning of your infrastructure

4. Acknowledge that downtime and data loss are not just theoretical concepts, and that RPO/RTO are not just metrics for an IT scorecard

By stepping up and truly understanding the underlying requirements to digital transformation for the customer, forward-thinking enterprises must prioritize the need to be reliably available and always-on 24x7x365. Only with this approach can enterprises plan accordingly and execute a digital transformation plan that will not be affected or put on the backfoot by loss of revenue or trust which ensures maximum ROI on transformation investments.


Raymond Goh is the head of systems engineering, Asia & Japan at Veeam