CloudSec 2017: HK faces conundrum in cybersecurity standards

How AI empowers Asia CSOs to be proactive to business

Nicole Eagan, CEO of Darktrace

Nicole Eagan, CEO of DarktraceAsk any CSO in Asia and they will tell you their biggest headac

Women could be a new force in cybersecurity

Amazon Macie automates cloud data protection

Amazon offers a number of excellent tools to help enterprises keep their data and applications safe in the cloud. Last year, Amazon unveiled Amazon Inspector, its host-based application vulnerability assessment tool to monitor what is installed and configured on each virtual Instance. This year, it’s Amazon Macie, a security service designed to automatically discover and protect sensitive data stored in AWS.

Fahmida Y. Rashid

HK to have fastest interconnection bandwidth growth in APAC

Hong Kong is expected to have the highest rate of growth of interconnection bandwidth – the capacity for private data exchange between businesses – in Asia-Pacific, research from Equinix indicates.

Dylan Bushell-Embling

Wi-Fi.HK extends service venues

Wi-Fi.HK project expanded to government venues

Wi-Fi.HK project expanded to government venuesThe Office of the Government CIO (OGCIO) yesterday announced extending the number of governme

Dylan Bushell-Embling

Three lessons for collaboration

Three lessons for collaboration

Three lessons for collaborationIt’s wonderful that organizations today have access to a

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  • Intel discloses another 10nm chip beyond Cannon Lake

    On Monday, August 21, Intel plans to unveil its 8th-generation Core processors. But it may have also unveiled one member of its 9th-generation Core family: Ice Lake.

    Mark Hachman

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