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Architecting your security posture in the modern world

According to the Check Point 2015 Security Report, a host in an enterprise accesses a malicious website every 24 seconds, an unknown malware is downloaded every 34 seconds, a bot communicates with its command and control center every 60 seconds, a known malware is downloaded every 6 minutes, and sensitive data is sent outside the organization every 36 minutes.

Tall order for today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and security teams, and the future is bleaker! “We are seeing much more attacks and malware. Before, we saw penetration attacks through open ports. Today we see more malware that install a bot that connects back and starts operating through the system,” said Amnon Bar-Lev, President, Check Point Software.

As mobile becomes the new vector of attack, organizations must review their security posture to stay ahead of the moving threat landscape.

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