4 key initiatives for addressing under-performing networks

The networks you manage are the foundation of the enterprise. Internal communications and collaboration, essential business processes, contact with customers, and revenue-generating transactions all depend on the performance and reliability of the network. The important role networks play in business processes and business success increases every day and so does the size, as well as the complexity of the typical network. According to a CIO article, the more complex (networks) become, the more they cost to operate and maintain. To add to the pressure, network operations teams are expected to run their expanding mission-critical networks with fewer staff members and with disparate management tools. These factors can contribute to operational issues that can financially harm a company.

Existing disparate network management solutions stop short of providing a solution to help solve these types of challenges. What is needed is an intelligent and integrated approach to managing networks. These key steps can significantly improve network and operational efficiency: optimize fault management, unify fault and performance management, automate network change, configuration and compliance, and automate common operator tasks.