Best practice service management tips from the Micro Focus ITOM insiders

In this e-book, seasoned IT Service Management (ITSM) leaders from the Micro Focus ITOM Insiders community share their best tips for providing world-class IT Service Management, helping everybody to reach new ITSM heights more quickly.

These tips include:

Taking the time to plan what the service should ultimately look like and map out as many features as possible, before you actually start working on developing the service. Even if your deadline is very tight, don’t underestimate the importance of the planning phase - it is extremely difficult to make changes to the service once it is nearly ready for deployment.

For each customization that you make to the software, the cost of upgrades will increase. Adjustments to procedures, organization, and so on are less expensive. Be sure to weigh customizing the tool against perhaps slightly adjusting business process/workflow. The latter might give you the same or better effect at a lower price.

Organizations should also focus on the master data during the project planning phase: what do you want to report on, what should your operational reports look like, and what is your SLA with your customers. Your team also must ensure that your data is trusted and clean.

Have a clear process definition of the border between change and request management. Change management is an internal process that supports the customer’s service request, particularly if the service request requires a change in the technical infrastructure. Be sure you have a hand off and exchange of information between the service request process and the change request process.

And, at the end of the day, we should remember that the users are our customers. IT exists to serve people first.

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