Five guidelines for supporting secure employee access in the office and on the g

Today’s workers expect a seamless continuum of access to enterprise resources.  Employees are increasingly working out of the office, more of them are using mobile devices and a greater number of them are logging in to cloud applications to perform business tasks—a shift in habits termed ‘enterprise mobility.’ And not only are workers increasingly mobile, but corporate data is as well, with an increasing proportion of resources consumed as-a-service from the cloud.

However, several challenges are holding back many organizations in the quest for increased mobility. These include security considerations, as well the ability to scale mobility-supporting IT services in large and geographically distributed organizations. Audit and compliance requirements may impede some organizations, while others perceive their main challenge to be cost. Finally, enterprises seek to offer mobile employees convenient access to resources, so as to not bog down productivity.

Despite these challenges, which act as speed bumps that decelerate the adoption of mobility by organizations, enterprises can follow a few important guidelines, as described in this eBook, to provide their employees with convenient, secure, scalable, compliant and cost-effective mobility.