The Generation Z study of tech intimates

The Generation Z study of tech intimates

Gen Z is the mobile-first generation that appears to live equally in the digital world as in the real one. Smartphones, the devices of choice, are always close by and within reach. With a phone to keep them connected, Gen Z is full of dichotomies: their device distracts them from boredom and gives them something to do during downtime, yet it saves time by being efficient. It entertains them and it also empowers them. It is appealing, but distracting.

Usage habits continue to increase, with a quarter of respondents checking their phones 30 times an hour. While usage is on the rise, it is becoming more specialized and occasion-specific for Gen Z. Daytime is different from nighttime, usage during weekends or summers away from school contrasts with that of weekdays. Replacing their phones every two years, Gen Zers prioritize faster internet speed and faster service as the most important features in a new phone, highlighting their need to be always on.

The findings for this study are derived from one-on-one interviews with over 4,000 consumers, aged 13 to 22 years old. Our interviewees live in New York, Berlin, London, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Tokyo and Bangalore.