Fundamentals of Managing the Data Center Life Cycle for Owners
Just as good genes do not guarantee health and wellbeing, a good design alone does not ensure a data center is well-built and will remain...
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Containerized Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers
Standardized, pre-assembled and integrated data center facility power and cooling modules are at least 60% faster to deploy, and provide a...
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Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Evaluating and Implementing DCIM Solutions
While many who invest in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software benefit greatly, some do not. Research has revealed a number...
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The New Currency of Business: Getting Big Value out of Big Data
Every two days, the world generates as much data as it had through all of history up to the year 2003. By 2020, the world will have generated an...
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The Application Delivery Firewall Paradigm
The increasing sophistication, frequency, and diversity of today’s network attacks are overwhelming conventional stateful security devices...
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