ClickShare: The name says it all: Connect, Click ‘n’ share
The name says it all: Connect, Click ‘n’ share Improving meeting dynamics and reaching decisions faster are two of the main challenges in meeting...
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Using Solid State Disks in VDI Environments
Desktop virtualization has initiated intensive discussion concerning the best methods for delivery and management of IT workplaces. Many...
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Mobilizing the Enterprise - The definitive guide to the mobility revolution
Mobilizing the enterprise is of great importance to businesses – it’s potentially one of the key initiatives for businesses to modernize and innovate...
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Using Solid State Disks in VDI Environments
This whitepaper describes a proof-of-concept in which solid state disks were used in a virtual desktop infrastructure for Windows 7 desktops based on...
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Sizing of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures
This document is designed to illustrate the requirements of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The focus is on the CPU and RAM requirements and...
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