The Future of Workplaces
In order to persist in tomorrow’s competitive environment, businesses need a motivated and productive workforce who can react flexibly and fast on...
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Making the Smart Choice with the SmartCLOUD™ Solutions
This white paper discusses two customer cases who have adopted CITIC Telecom CPC’s cloud service. While on one hand it discusses a large...
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Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure Provider
This white paper provides an overview of the different types of cloud infrastructure providers in the market today, and offers guidelines and key...
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The CIO Perspective: Five Ways the Digitization of Higher Ed Is Turning IT into a Business
With schools like MIT, New York University and the Texas A&M University System opening international campuses in the Middle East and beyond,...
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Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Content Management for Process Workers
This research paper helps you to understand what's new in the PGCM (Process Generated Content Management) market,  evaluate PGCM vendors and...
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